Welcome to Historic Cherry Valley, New York
A place of incredible beauty, immense solitude and awsome history.

Hi, my name is Sue and I would like to welcome you to the Town of Cherry Valley Historian's website.
As the Town Historian I am both proud of this special place I call home and fascinated by its history and beauty. We are a vibrant community with businesses and farms, history and the arts and an agenda of conservation of our natural and scenic resources.
All this and its wonderful, complex and diverse inhabitants combine to make Cherry Valley what it was in the past and what it is today.

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View from Rebecca Brook (why the name Rebecca?
No one seems to know). Picture taken on one of the
many "Historic Walking Tours" I host during the summer,
on Wednesday evenings. View of the Village of Cherry Valley
with Lady Hill and Hamilton Mountain in the background.

Yup, just follow U.S. Route 20
and you'll find us!

180 foot Bocker Falls, just outside the village.
One of the three waterfalls in our town that are
over 160 feet in height. The Indians called this
particular place "Thunder Gorge" and it was considered
a sacred place. Hugh Mitchell hid in here to escape the
Indians and Tories who had killed his wife and children
during the Cherry Valley Massacre of November 11, 1778.


View of the valley toward Roseboom showing
the Dutch Barn on the Glensfoot Farm property.


Pictures taken at the falls on the Old Town Road.
These falls form the outlet of Sunken Lake. The Old
Town Road that traverse these falls is actually an Indian
trail many hundreds of years old. The Old Town Road was
abandoned for vehicle traffic many years ago and is now
used only for snowmobiles and off-road bikes.




Cherry Valley... a doorway to the past, a vision of tomorrow.

Driving directions to Cherry Valley

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Five Days in November

The Cherry Valley Massacre

by     Susan Murray-Miller

Susan Murray-Miller is the Historian of the Town of Cherry Valley. She is also a member and secretary, of the Board of the Cherry Valley Historical Association and Museum.

Authors' Note

Every place has a history. Some histories are more violent and intense than others. Such a place is Cherry Valley, New York. Just the name implies thoughts of tranquility and peace, but under the surface lies other truths, some dark, needing to be told. The people in this book actually existed. I have tried, to the best of my knowledge and the resources available to me, depict their stories accurately and without guile.
The morning was unearthly still and the fog had settled everywhere in the valley.....
"Sam," Catherine whispered, "Sam, wake up" Samuel Clyde's eyes fluttered as he jolted awake, his body gave several spastic jerks.....

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